Clara Brown Dance

The Clara Brown Dance is held in loving memory of Clara Brown and Haskell Brown and all our loved ones that are gone but not forgotten.

Every year Charlene Wright and family honor the elders.

Honorary elders selected over the years include: Merle Keyes, Vermona Collins, Randlett Edmonds, Donna Spaulding, Lyman Kionute, LaRue Parker, Buntin Williams, Majorie Botone, Catherine Proctor, Cecile Carter, Billie Ruth Hoff, Leatha Sifford, Maxine Keyes Pickering, Alberta Beaty, Mary Lou Davis, Gertrude Wilson, and Juanita Keyes.

Saturday morning the “Myron Beaver Annual Bow Shoot”is held in conjunction with the Annual Clara Brown Dance. The bow shoot was to honor a man and give bow shooters a chance to show their skills and help keep a tradition alive.

The bow shoot is divided into three divisions, the Primitive-30 yards, Traditional-40 yards, and the Compound-60 yards. The archers start at different distances, according to their division. After each round, grocery items are awarded to the winner in each division. A meal is served to the participants and guest.

If you would like to attend the Annual Clara Brown Dance or participate in the Bow Shooting the future, please contact Charlene Wright.