Administration on Aging


Eligibility Requirements for the AOA Title VI-A Program will include American Indian elders 55 years of age of older who reside within the service area of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma. Eligibility will also extend to:

  • The spouse of the eligible participant
  • Handicapped or disable individuals in the same household as the eligible participant   (Handicapped or disabled is defined by the tribe on an individual basis)
  • Volunteers who provide assistance during the meal hour to the program.  (Individuals are considered volunteers, eligible for a meal if they perform a  function according to a job description outlined in the volunteer policy.)
  • Non-elderly handicapped or disabled American Indians who reside in housing facilities indentified as being primarily occupied by the Elderly where  congregate nutrition services are provided (elderly housing areas are defined by the tribal administration or tribal codes and ordinances.)

Guest Meals

Any individual who receives a meal or does not meet the program eligibility requirements will be considered a guest. All program guests will be required to pay for the total cost of the meal, which is determined from the calulated meal cost. The price of the guest meal is re-evaluated and changed as appropriate at least yearly. The guest meal count will be kept separate from the eligible meal count for reporting purposes.


The senior citizens hold fundraisers throughout the year to help cover expenses that are not funded by the AOA grant, such as travel to events like the Caddo Conference.  Everyone is welcomed to attend the fundraising events and donations of prizes are always appreciated.

 AARP Oklahoma Indian Elder Navigator Website

AARP has a new, single point of entry webpage that is designed to be a place where Oklahoma Indian elders can easily find resources available on things such as food programs, housing and health at

Learn about how you can use this webpage to promote the resources and programs of your tribe, plus discuss plans for the 2016 AARP Indian Elder Honors. Please RSVP by emailing: or calling (866) 295-7277.





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